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Actionable class for women that feel they weren't taught about MONEY

The Mindful Money Method was designed for YOU to improve your relationship with money.


Feel better about your financial future. Experience the feelings of freedom & relief by creating a plan.

When you love money, money will love you back.


The Mindful Money Method is for YOU if you feel:

Unorganized or Overwhelmed Managing Money

Anxious or Guilty Spending About Money

Trapped or Resentful Earning Money

Lost or Confused on Your Next Money Move

It doesn't matter if you are $250K in debt or have a $5M net worth. This is course is for you if you are feeling irresponsible, anxious or overwhelmed by money.

Now is the time to release those unhelpful feelings caused by your limiting money beliefs.

Let's rewrite your money story for a happy today & tomorrow.


LIVE 9-week class via Zoom, Tuesdays 1 PM PT, July 2 - August 27 

Class is recorded in case you can't make it LIVE.

Enroll Today - One Time Payment of $457

More Love, Less Worry

Identify your true values and desires. Drop the overwhelm, worry and guilt. Learn how to make financial decisions with ease and from abundance, the voice of the soul.

Create a Freedom & Relief Plan

Stop searching for the "right" systems and process. The incoming & outgoing monthly cash flow system is customizable to your unique lifestyle and goals.

Find Harmony

Money is emotional but it doesn't have to create conflict in your relationships. Learn how to communicate with others and set financial boundaries.

"I appreciate the clear and uplifting platform Liz has designed to offer her knowledge, wisdom, and skillsets.  She has created a feast of healthy financial practices, and is adept at offering bite-sized portions that focused my attention quickly, and took the bitter taste of fear out of working with my money mindset.  I especially love her 1:1 coaching approach, which helped me see my blind spots with kindness, non-judgment, and a plan of action to heal and move forward in a more prosperous direction."

Entrepreneur & Mother 

All The Tools You Need To Set Yourself Up for Lifetime 

Financial Wellness

Nine Modules. Nine Weeks. There are several lessons & exercises within each module centered in mindfulness and nature. Your money relationship shifts from fear & scarcity to love & abundance. 

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Class for Women that are ready to Improve their Relationship with Money.

Nine Modules. Nine Weeks. Lifetime Results. 

This is your chance to set yourself up and step into the flow of money.

Taught by Financial Life Coach & Yoga/Meditation Teacher Liz Carroll

Two Payment Options (all in one $457 or two $247 monthly payments) for a Lifetime Return on Investment, Money Back Guarantee

Enroll Today - Two Monthly Payments of $247

Listen to Women Sharing Their Mindful Money Method Experience

I would say that everyone comes to this work with a little hesitation and a deep knowing that it is time to finally improve their relationship to money. Click to video button to watch members tell their stories.


"I am so grateful for Liz and the work she did with me. I now have a very clear view of what I want and what I need to do in order to create the life I want for myself. The skills learned in this course are life changers! I am ready to create options for me and my family! "

Teacher, Real Estate Investor & Mother 

What you learn and the results you receive from the Mindful Money Method

The Mindful Money Method is a new way of thinking about money specifically created for women ready to improve their money relationship for a lifetime of financial wellness. It includes financial systems, templates, relationship skills and money mindset work.

The Mindful Money Method is a holistic approach to money = Math + Mindset + Soul

Module 1: Values & Desires

Access your heart-center to discover what you truly value and desire. We create awareness of our overall goals and numbers by doing a values exercise and a Net Worth calculation. It's eye-opening!

Module 2: Incoming & Outgoing

Get it out of your head and down on paper. Yep, your incoming and outgoing cash flow. We pay ourselves first and establish guiderails to keep us safe. Make it easy!

Module 3: Freedom & Relief

Calculate your Financial Independence (FI) number or create your Debt Payoff timeline. Seeing your possibilities in black and white is invigorating and can trigger some emotions so we address those in the next modules.

Module 4: Family & Friends

What happens when others think they know how you 'should' earn and spend money? How are the 'shoulds' making you feel? Learn how to improve your money communication with family & friends. 

Module 5: Observe & Identify

Let's dive into your thoughts about money, your money mindset. In this module, we'll identify any beliefs that are holding you back from becoming the women you were meant to be with money.

Module 6: Pause & Feel

Money is emotional. Your thoughts about money and your ability to manage it cause your feelings. In this module, we check in with those feelings and intentionally decide what we want to feel.

Module 7: Listen & Clarify

Your money story is created by your thoughts about money. Are they true? Who told you? We'll listen and clarify your money story then edit it to make you the heroine of your financial future. This is powerful work.

Module 8: Cause & Effect

Your actions create your results. In this module, we dream a little then decide what actions do you want to start, stop or continue to make those dreams a reality. Your future-self shows you the way.

Module 9: Commit & Follow

All the teachings and exercises from the previous eight modules provides you with the puzzle pieces to create your custom Freedom & Relief Plan. We use commitment as our fuel to follow the plan.

"The course and coaching was so powerful. I realized I'd been carrying a lot of unnoticed thoughts and feelings around money which were definitely causing my current results. Unpacking all of that was so helpful, and having a clear and totally neutral, organized system and plan to work on has been invaluable at helping me get closer to my goals."

Entrepreneur & Mother 

Enroll Today - One Time Payment of $457