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Reduce Money Stress and Build Wealth by Creating a Financial Freedom & Relief Plan

Money doesn't have to be overwhelming, intimidating or anxiety inducing. There is a better way, a mindful way, to manage your money and make the best decisions for you. With awareness and clarity, you will shift your money mindset to become the calm, confident women you were meant to be. 


You're in the right place to build your own Financial Freedom & Relief Plan so you become a woman that EARNS without shame or resentment, SPENDS without guilt or remorse and INVESTS without anxiety or overwhelm.

Take a deep breath, I created the Mindful Money Method to be like yoga for your money, calm & effective.




I am Liz Carroll and I my passion is helping others feel better about their finances so they grow wealth. Come sit next to me and we can talk through your money worries and create a plan to set you free.

For 25 years I had a high achieving corporate technology sales career. As the major breadwinner in my family, I understand how it feels to have the weight of household finances on your shoulders along with the demands of a stressful career and active family. I loved making money and I hated managing the ups & downs of irregular income and demands. It felt overwhelming. Then, with clarity, I discovered an easier path to building legacy wealth by utilizing proven financial organization systems and managing my money mindset to set me financially free.

Now, in my Encore Career, I light the path for other high performing women using my unique Mindful Money Method. 

I guide women in identifying their values & desires and creating a financial freedom & relief plan they love and will follow. My clients rewrite their money story, dropping limiting beliefs, and achieve their money goals through abundance. I am a certified Financial Life Coach & Yoga/Meditation Teacher so I make your money confidence journey calm and effective. You'll experience a deep exhale of relief.

I guarantee it.


The Mindful Money Method course is designed for women that feel they weren't taught how to make, manage or think about money. Get mindful with your money and improve your relationship with it. Create a values-based Freedom & Relief Plan you will love and follow. Expect more mindset less spreadsheets, more love less worry from this course.

Work with me.

In coaching, we focus on the future; we won’t rehash your mistakes or dwell on what went wrong in your past. Together, we'll build you a specific, achievable plan along with a motivating mindset for your unique situation.

I can help you in the following ways:

  • Setting Financial Goals
  • Creating a Monthly Spending Plan (aka a budget)
  • Establishing a Financial Safety Net & Financial Boundaries
  • Managing Irregular Income
  • Eliminating Debt
  • Money Mindset
  • Career Exiting
  • Real Estate Investing
  • Wealth Building

You don't have to do this alone. I can help you see your blind spot and make adjustment more quickly and easily than you doing this work on your own.

Small changes compound into big rewards. Now is the time to set yourself up!

Sounds good, but how do you create a plan?

Let me show you a simple method to set yourself up, financially. Once you know it. You can't unknow it. You'll use it the rest of your life, making more confident and mindful money decisions. Ready?

Mindful Money Method Course + 1:1 Coaching

Feel like you are stuck? Make good money but not feeling like you are getting ahead? This course and coaching program unearths your limiting money beliefs that are holding you back, allows you to examine them and mindfully shift them to move you forward. We practice the method, building awareness of your personal math + mindset and learning the benefits of creating a personal financial plan. With a solid plan, you will payoff debt & start investing. With guidance, you'll rewrite your money story with a much happier ending. You are not alone and you are not broken. Now is the time to learn either 1:1 or Group.


Splendor Club Membership Community

For women that desire a rich & radiant life, general life group coaching and community of like-minded ambitious women with six-figure earning and seven-figure net worth goals, setting themselves up in their businesses or careers. Expanding emotional wealth through exploration of topics like time-management, work/life harmony, parenting and relationships at work & home. We meet regularly, study a monthly concept, read and discuss books, meditate, host guest speakers and grow together. 1:1 Coaching is available to group members. You'll step into your Splendor, the most radiant version of yourself. 


"Liz’s approach to focus on the mindset is the ying to the yang of personal finance. Working the numbers is the science, while having the mindset is an art. Some of the activities and conversations caused me to experience discomfort. Liz would question and make me think of things that I have never honestly confronted. Through the courses and 1:1 sessions, Liz held me accountable and gave me support, but never sugar coated. Discomfort is the currency of growth. I am not the same person I used to be and I am excited for the future me.""

Project Manager + Wife & Mom of 2 + Received a $30k raise after the Mindful Money Method

Addressing Your Finances Can Feel Daunting

And it's OK, I'll help you. Clients repeatedly tell me just scheduling a call with me made them feel better, start making progress, opening envelopes and checking balances. There is so much relief when you start to feel more RESPONSIBLE with money.

You'll never regret investing in yourself.

Feel responsible and in control of your future. Start TODAY.

This is your opportunity to set yourself up financially with a plan and the mindset to make it happen. I am thrilled you are here and happy to guide you.

You work too hard to feel like you are behind on your financial goals.

Schedule with Liz, use the Mindful Money Method to get unstuck & achieve your goals. Legacy Wealth is attainable.

More help and resources from Liz

You are in the right place because helping you succeed financially lights me up! Thanks for reading this far and investing in yourself.


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