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What is financial wellness?

Financial wellness is a state of being in which you can fully meet your current and future financial obligations while feeling secure in your financial future and making choices that allow you to enjoy life, according to the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

As a Financial Life Coach to hundreds, my definition is a bit different. Financial wellness is the awareness of your thoughts, feelings and actions around money. It's the clarity of financial value and desires. It's how you think about your ability to earn and manage money. It's a state of well-being.


Why is it important for corporations to provide financial wellness education for their employees?

Finances are a common source of stress and anxiety for employees:

- productivity
- engagement
- satisfaction
- loyalty

According to a Bank of American study, the employee sense of stress over finances is:

- 93% Gen Z & Millennials (ages 21-47)
- 94% Gen Xers (age 48-57)
- 84% Baby Boomers (age 58+)


Now is the time to help alleviate some of that stress with a strong financial wellness practice. I propose quarterly, small-group, onsite workshops.

Three one hour sessions a day for up to 24 employees.

Employees will explore new ways of thinking about money and their abilities to earn and manage it. They will leave the workshops with actionable steps to have them experiencing less stress and financial worry.



Daily travel allowance is $500 for Pacific & Mountain Time Zones, 

$750 for Central Time Zone & $1000 Eastern Time Zone.


3 Secrets to Financial Wellness

This workshop focuses on:

  • Awareness
  • Clarity
  • Vision

of participants unique financial goals. It instills a new way of thinking about the ability to earn & manage money for today & tomorrow.

1 hour, 3 worksheets: $1,000 + travel

Financial Freedom & Relief

Retirement is a number, not an age. Learn how to calculate your financial freedom number. What if you want to eliminate debt first? This workshop outlines the different debt payoff methods and how to determine which is the right one for you so you create an actionable plan & worry less.

1 hour, 2 worksheets: $1,000 + travel

Uncovering Your Money Mindset

What is holding you back? Your money mindset is your beliefs about money, the sentences you repeat either consciously or unconsciously. Many of your beliefs are hidden and create limitations on your earning and enjoying money. Learn how to uncover, examine and edit them for a more fulfilling life. 

1 hour, 3 worksheets: $1,000 + travel


Liz teaches a new way to think about money and your ability to manage it. Her approach is more mindset than spreadsheets. She is a certified life coach, financial coach and yoga/meditation teacher. Her holistic approach to math + mindset + soul is calm & effective.

Liz retired early from her corporate IT sales career after attaining financial independence. She set herself up to focus on her passion work - lighting the financial wellness path for others.

She is engaging and funny with real life stories of raising a family, succeeding in her career and building wealth through work/life harmony. She lives on the Oregon Coast with her 3+ decade husband. Their adult children visit regularly.

"Liz's teaching changed my mindset! Now, I create options and opportunities for myself and others! I see things, from a winning and learning perspective. I'm not afraid anymore when it comes to money! "

Emelyn Fernandez

"Right off the top! Liz helped me see where I've been with money, where I am going with money and where I want to be with money. "

Allie Bauer


Do you have questions or want to learn more about my corporate workshops? Let's schedule a call and have a discussion.



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