How to feel better about your financial future

Uncategorized Jun 28, 2023

In order to manage your money mindfully, awareness is the first step.  With my style of financial coaching for women awareness comes in two forms: your numbers and your mindset. I teach proven financial practices along with how to manage your mind around money: earning it, spending it and saving it.

So often clients are fearful about addressing their numbers but when we rip the bandage off to expose the wound (one of my client’s words) it feels so much better. We bring air and light to suffering and darkness. The stories and numbers we make up in our mind are often worse than reality.

“We suffer more in our imagination than reality.” - Seneca

One of my clients described her financial worry as a committee meeting that takes place in her mind when she’s trying to fall asleep. The committee members are made up of all the people who feel they should have a “say” in her personal finances. Have you ever experienced an unwanted committee meeting? I know I did before I had a plan (and it was not helpful in moving me forward).

The numbers are the easier part that’s why we do them first. Exactly where are you at today. We list them all out and expose them to the light.

Identifying your money beliefs usually takes a little more time and effort. A belief is a sentence in your mind you repeat often. A common money belief I hear is “Money is hard.” Another belief that often surfaces in coaching is “I am not good money.”  Neither of these thought beliefs are useful in moving us forward in earning, spending or saving money since negative thoughts will always produce negative results.

By knowing your current numbers and thoughts, you can make a plan for change. The process of creating a plan will instantly make you feel better, usually relief, about your financial future because it puts you in control. You are in the driver’s seat; you select the destination and the route. That doesn’t mean you won’t have route or expectation modifications over the length of your journey but it does give you a vision. With coaching we dive deep into your vision and what thoughts will keep you motivated for the long haul journey to your unique financial destination. It could be home ownership, work flexibility or financial independence.  

As a starting point, I encourage client’s to modify their current beliefs slightly by adding a word or two to make it more reassuring like, “Money is hard and that’s OK.” or “I am not good with money yet.” Then we look for a few small wins, like: skip one meal out, cancel an unnecessary subscription, or make an extra credit card or car payment. A month or two of small spending tweaks creates momentum and muscle memory. Your brain starts to believe your plan is possible which leads to confidence, one of the greatest money feelings. 

If you'd like to experience more calm confidence around your financial future, consider learning the Mindful Money Method. It's a holistic approach to math + mindset + soul-driven goals. The Mindful Money Method has helped hundreds of women just like you improve their relationship with money forever. Once you know it, you can't unknow it! You set yourself up for a lifetime of success.



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